School Fundraising With Popcorn Can Help Raise Money

Popcorn is a tasty treat that most children are always willing to try, but did you know that school fundraisers with popcorn can help you raise the most money? The reason is that the flavor of popcorn is so much more appealing to kids than ice cream or other frozen treats. It’s also relatively cheap to produce and most importantly it gets everyone excited about your school fundraiser.

Before you start trying to come up with a good popcorn fundraiser idea, you will first need to have some popcorn. How you get the popcorn is the key to a successful fundraiser. If you want to sell it in bulk, then go to a convenient store that has a large variety and stock. If not, then find a place that will sell them for you cheap. You can make all sorts of different flavors, from simple to ones that are flavored with chocolate, cinnamon, and even nuts.

Once you have your popcorn, you will need containers to put them in. Since most fundraisers are only held for a couple of hours each day, you won’t have any problems finding inexpensive plastic tablecloths and other tableware. If you’re selling them as favors for birthday parties, then make sure they match the theme. Some ideas include: duckies for boys, giraffes for girls, butterflies for both genders, and pirates for either gender. There are many others out there, so look for cute themes when you shop.

When you buy your supplies, it’s time to get creative with the wording on each bag. You can have fun with this or let the kids do their thing, but try to stay away from the same old boring lines, such as “we could eat the entire bag.” This isn’t going to generate very much money for you.

The best selling fundraisers are those that have a theme and base it around a holiday or special event. Easter, Christmas, and Halloween are all popular times for this type of fundraising campaign. The reason is that everyone loves to eat chocolate during these special occasions. Plus, the profit margin from one of these fundraisers is generally much higher than you will make at selling candies at a cookie store. You can also turn these into co-op fundraisers for schools, if you take the time to work with the teachers in the community. Offer to help them with their fundraisers by passing out tickets for popcorn or candy to the students.

School fundraising with popcorn can help you generate enough money for your cause whether it’s for buying cookies, candy or other supplies. Your goal is to sell enough of the products that you will actually make some money back. Plus, you’ll be able to support your favorite charity at the same time!