Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Commercial cleaning businesses are usually contracted to perform cleaning tasks in various premises throughout a city. These businesses are commonly found in large office complexes and shopping malls. They provide cleaning services such as dusting and mopping floors, vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Most commercial cleaning businesses are chain stores or franchises and therefore have offices in different places throughout a city.

commercial cleaning

Before hiring commercial cleaners, you must create a checklist of things that need to be done and strictly follow it. The commercial cleaning services should be selected on the basis of their ability to deliver quality work within the allocated budget. If you have a checklist prepared, you can simply glance over the list and eliminate those firms which do not meet your expectations. Your checklist must include several key parameters such as the type of flooring they would be handling, whether they would provide protective gear like gloves, masks and respirators, how they clean and what their commercial cleaners would do.

You can use your checklist for selecting commercial cleaning services for various services. For instance, if you are planning to hire a carpet cleaner to wash the carpets in your hotel lobby, then your checklist can include the following key parameters. First, the carpet must be vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned; second, all mats and carpets should be washed with hot water using a strong detergent and lastly, the carpets should be dried manually or by being placed over a radiator. Other important parameters that need to be included in the checklist are window cleaning, dusting, cleaning the kitchen windows and changing light bulbs.

A commercial cleaning staff whose job is to clean the office building or an office building would need to check on whether the heating system in the office building is working properly. He will also have to take care of the air conditioning during the hot summer days and during cold winters. Office cleaning staff would also have to ensure that the office is free of any food and drink stains. If the windows are dirty, the office can lose its charm, and this becomes very difficult to achieve.

When we talk about domestic cleaning procedures, then we simply mean cleaning tasks like dusting and vacuuming the home or the building. However, when we refer to commercial cleaning processes, it is meant to mean cleaning tasks such as carpet cleaning and window cleaning. The professional cleaners will have highly trained employees who are adept at their jobs. These employees usually go about the job carrying a backpack with different tools for each service. This will enable them to complete the different cleaning tasks efficiently and fast.

The other important thing that the commercial cleaning checklist must include is providing the customer with excellent customer service. There is no other way to manage a commercial office space or an office building than to treat your clients well. The employees should be friendly and provide prompt and reliable service. Any customer who has been satisfied with the work done by the commercial cleaner has to be offered a repeat service.